March 21, 2020 Writers' Workshop @ Fauquier HS


Join us on Saturday, March 21, 2020, for our Spring Writers' Workshop at Fauquier High School in Warrenton, VA.  Our Teacher Consultants are eager to work with young writers in grades 4-7 and 8-12.  Our workshop will run from 10 am until 2 pm. Participants should bring a packed lunch and drink with them.  All students will receive a notebook and pen at registration.

Discounted registration of $60 must be purchased by Friday, March 15. Late registration through the day of the event is $75. We cannot guarantee student choices for late registration.

Our schedule for the day will be:

9:30-10:00 am Registration

10:00-10:05 am Welcome

10:05-11:10 am Genre Session #1

11:10 am-12:15 pm Genre Session #2 

12:15-12:35 pm Lunch

12:40-1:35 pm Writing Workshops (age-level groups) or Writing Marathon (see description below)

1:35-2:00 pm Large Group Share

When registering, please be sure to enter the student's name on the ticket (this is the first window you will see once you click on the "Book Now" button.)  It is possible to register more than one student at a time on the site by simply clicking "Add Ticket" in this same window.

Please note that payment MUST be received before the day of the workshop in order to reserve your spot.  If you choose the OFFLINE PAYMENT option, please email us asap in order to arrange for prompt payment.

Due to our planning of events relying on accurate numbers of participants, refunds are NOT available after the EARLY registration deadline.  In the case of emergency situations, we will consider a partial refund or application of the fee toward a future workshop on a case-by-case basis.   

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Tentative Genre Session Descriptions for March 21:

Robin Frost

Short Stories (Grades 8-12)

Short stories are different from novels not only in size but how they focus on one main character and one main, transformative event. Since good stories are built on scenes containing sensory details of setting, characters, and action, and since these are short stories, we have to develop the main character and dive into action right away. We will begin by looking at what a short story is and what makes it different from longer stories.  We will then move into the writing of effective hooks, and after a mini-lesson on plot structure, students will have the option of using planning tools for developing great characters and conflict or diving “write” in – forgive my pun!

Fantasy (8-12)

In this session, you will write a fun-fantastical fantasy! Fantasy stories must have good characters, a plot that makes sense, and be entertaining. We will have fun designing magical worlds with heroes, villains, and all kinds of creatures. Then we’ll add magical powers and give our heroes a quest.

Melanie Catron


In this workshop, we will work on how to identify what scares your readers by considering what scares us and each other; how to decide which type of horror story works best for our writing: horror and terror or violence and gore; and ways to build your setting as the setting of a horror story is a vital piece of the puzzle that can pull your readers in. We will also work on some methods to build and maintain suspense in your story. 

Fantasy (4-7)
Fantasy writing can fall into many cliches, learn how to avoid the cliches and still create a magical world all your own to share with your readers. We will work with ways to take a cliche in fantasy writing and refresh it to make the story original. A big factor in successful fantasy writing is creating the world your characters live in and the rules that guide your story. In our workshop, we will talk about using our 5 senses to create our setting and how we can take a familiar fantasy character or trope and make them our own to create original fantasy storylines.

Chris Humenik


Turning a good tech bad - in this session, we'll try our pen at taking a good technology, futurizing it, and then turning it bad. Did the cure for cancer come with a side of zombies? Did the first Mars landing wake up a dormant alien race? Did emojis finally go too far and we accidentally created a killer AI? Write it out and have fun exploring as we develop our sci-fi dystopias.


An Enlightening Moment -  In this session, we'll be shedding light on the moments in our life where we've really learned something. Can you remember the first timed that you learned a stove was hot? What about the time you learned how to be a class clown? Or deal with loss? Or question the unknown? We'll be breathing life into those moments that taught us something important. We'll also spend a little time looking at a few mentor texts from successful authors who have captured these moments.

Moriah Rush

Crime Fiction

Writers will learn how to use real (and age appropriate) crime to generate ideas and construct a skeletal plot. After deciding on a plot, young writers will add fictional details and dramatizations. By the end of the workshop, all writers will be able to gather ideas and construct a fictional story that is both entertaining and realistic. 

Poetry (Grades 8-12)

So many forms of poetry, yet so little time. Writers will learn about slam poetry, black out poetry, erasure poetry, and free verse poetry. Afterwards, young writers will create their own poetry (using any form of poetry they prefer). By the end of the workshop, students will have learned at least one new form of poetry and have a poem they can share with others. 

Sarah Andino

Poetry (Grades 4-7)

Young writers will explore formulas and rules to develop masterful poems while having fun and experimenting. There may be no rhyme or reason to it, but it will make sense in a figurative way!

Story Building (Grades 4-7)

You might have heard the phrase, “Show me the Money!”  Well in this workshop, we will show you the bank! It’s a bank of ideas that will have your pen moving faster than your bus on a Friday afternoon!  It’s all about problem and solution!  

Writing Workshop (grade-level groups)

Writers will share what they've written today or something they brought to the workshop with one of our instructors and fellow young writers for helpful critiquing. Additionally, the instructors will offer general tips for revision. Then, writers will have time to revise.


Writing Marathon 

Students of any age with walking shoes will traverse through a school, neighborhood, or wherever their feet lead them in the group to free write and explore where their environment and inspiration take them. Sharing is always a part of the plan and a platform for your budding voice! 

Rhonda Lancaster: College and Scholarship Essay Writing

For students in grades 10-12. Student must select this option for BOTH genre sessions AND the Writing Group. We will start with learning what admissions or scholarship committees want to know from your essay and how to deliver it. Then, we will take the essay from brainstorming to drafting, and then revising and polishing the essay.

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March 21, 2020 10:00 - 14:00 (GMT -05:00 Eastern Time (US & Canada))

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